Skills Passports

Clip art of a wallet

Skills passports are available to help you keep track of all your learning.

They set out the required and optional learning for all employees and managers to help you to plan your development and identify your next steps. They also allow you to include additional learning you wish to keep track of.  Where you are in your career journey, will determine which passport you choose.

Each passport will be dated and ‘valid’ for 3 years (except for new entrants), encouraging a refresh cycle to support continuous learning and development. This will also support our mandatory duties in relation to areas such as Health and Safety, Data Protection and Equality and Diversity.

New employees will start on Skills Passport A and work their way through mandatory learning over the first few months of employment. Skills Passport A can be viewed and downloaded on the council's Intranet link below

After 3 years you will have to refresh your skills passport.

Here is a list of progressions: